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The Power of Story

      Stories connect us across time and deeply root us in community not because they preach to us, but because they compel us to ask meaningful questions.

YOU are the Ancient Story

Janel specializes in sharing ancient stories from diverse cultures that will resonate in the marrow of your bones!


Explore the role of story in one-on-one  coaching sessions with Janel.

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Entertain clients and friends with specially crafted performances by Janel.

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Photos by Malcolm Yawn


Engage a thought-provoking storyteller to capture and hold your audience from beginning to end.

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What people are saying

I have heard many storytellers in my lifetime, but never anyone who held me captive from start to finish like Janel. I could see and hear all aspects of the story from the sound of the wind blowing through pines to the snorting of buffalo in the western plains.

Linda C - Augusta, Maine


1070 Laurel Rd. E #370

Nokomis, FL 34275



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